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Professional Editing & Proofreading Service

“Superb writing style and very responsive. Highly recommended.”
‒ Robert Woodford, Principal Consultant and Director, GKS Associates, UK
[wrote and edited company bios for website, as well as other work]

Now that’s a great review isn’t it? It’s from a client I’ve done a lot of work for. He says I’m good, so why not contact me and see how good I can be for you?

I don’t mess my customers around, always charge fairly and guarantee I will do a great job! So contact me, tell me what you need edited, and I will edit your document for you. It really is that simple!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Let me edit for you!

Great post!

Professional Editing & Proofreading Service

I know virtually everyone needs something edited. Whether it’s a CV that needs updating, letter you’ve written, email or blog you want to post, essay you’re about to submit, article you want to send, new menu you need to have in perfect English or job application you want to send, everyone has something.

There’s absolutely no point in putting off getting it edited and then out there! I will make your English perfect, sort out any errors that may be in it, make your CV or essay stand out from the crowd, and make your blog or email shine. So let me do that for you!

I guarantee a great service and a great price! I charge by the word rather than by the hour, so you will know my price before I do any work for you, and all my prices are negotiable. Ask any of my recommendations and they…

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I have grade A GCSEs in English Language and English Literature, grade B in English Language A-level and a 2.1 (Hons) BSc in Media & Society.

I have worked for publishing companies including Legalease, Associated Newspapers, The Law Society, Hemming Group, Farmers’ Weekly (RBI) and Law Business Research.

I do a lot of freelance work through the People Per Hour and freelancer.com websites and am currently working as a proofreader and editor for Crux Publishing, along with a number of other companies.

Please click here to see some of the recommendations I have received.

Hello world!

I am a proofreader just starting up my freelance proofreading career, and thought I’d start here! If anyone out there (from students to business people, to anyone who needs to make sure their English is perfect!) would like to hire a proofreader, then please get in touch! My rates are very reasonable and I guarantee I will do a great job for you.

I have great English-language skills, and always work quickly and accurately. I’ve done work through Elance, People Per Hour and freelancer.com, but am growing tired of the fees they all charge for getting work through those sites, so I want to get work myself.

So if you have a document you’d like me to look at, then send a message and I will be in touch. Thanks a lot.